Electromagnetism is the primary fundamental universal natural Force causing Objects to move in Space-Time, not “Gravity.” Electromagnetism, first; and then, “Gravity.”

(2) Gravity is not a fundamental Force but derives from the momentum of moving Objects in Continuum Space-Time, e.g., from Revolution and Rotation. Thus, Gravity is “mass-in-motion dependent” or “moving-Mass-dependent.”

(3) Given that from all experience and experimentation, it takes Energy in its “excited Form” to release or emit wave-Energy radiation, e.g., a Star emits an electromagnetic spectrum of waves, particles, rays etc; a burning piece of coal emits infrared heat, etc…, then, “Gravity,” as an emergent Force-property from “moving Mass” in Continuum Space-Time, not being a Form of “excited Energy,” cannot make manifest any particle or so-called “graviton.”

(4) Gravity being an emergent Force-property that is“moving-Mass dependent,” cannot be observed, except in the presence of Objects-with-Mass being “moved” in Continuum Space-Time due to the fundamental Force of Nature and the Universe, namely Electromagnetism!

(5) “Gravity” is not a Form of “excited Energy,” and therefore cannot yield any kind of particulate emissions. Thus, there is no such thing as “a graviton particle” or "gravitational wave."

(6) Where there is absence of Motion or of moving-Mass due to Electromagnetism, no “Gravity force” can be observed. ***