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The Spiritual Experiences Consortium has its main page at this other website. As you can see from that page, the Science of the soul wiki is part of the Spiritual Experiences Consortium. Since this wiki website is easy to modify, much of the activity of the Spiritual Experiences Consortium takes place here.

Spiritual Experiences Consortium vs the Spiritual Experiences WebringEdit

The Spiritual Experiences Consortium is not the same as Spiritual Experiences Webring. If you would like to join the Spiritual Experiences Consortium, you are in the right place!

How to join the Spiritual Experiences ConsortiumEdit

  1. Register with Wikia. When you register, include a valid email address. If you are worried about spam, the email address you provide will not be made public and it will only be used for communications with your Wikia colleagues.
  2. Go to this page and add your name to the list. If your Wikia username is on that list and you entered your email address when you registered with Wikia, then you will be contacted by a member of the Spiritual Experiences Consortium (John Schmidt).
  3. Start to contribute to the Spiritual Experiences Consortium. The main criterion (after steps 1 and 2, above) for membership is that you contribute! Contributing to the efforts of the Consortium might mean participating in an existing project or creating a new project.