Since the Wholeness Navigator causes "profound changes to the DNA structure, brain chemistry, and the central nervous system“ (source) it should be possible to detect these changes.

Since these "profound changes" are "limited to the human instrument of a small percentage of the overall human population", it is important that we find a way to identify those individuals who are undergoung these changes.

A possible starting place is "James", who seems to claim that he is more in touch with First Source than the typical human. Would James provide a DNA sample for analysis?

Alternatively, it would be possible to do DNA analysis on people who claim to be going through spiritual changes that they report to be what would be expected for activation of their Wholeness Navigator.

Maybe it would be best to get DNA from the same person before and after they explore the Wingmakers material and do the meditations described in Lyricus Teaching.

Junk DNAEdit

There is a long standing attempt of creationists and Intelligent design advocates to show that there is something about "junk DNA" that proves humans were created by intelligent design. See this article.

It is possible that Lyricus Teaching is hinting at the idea of the existence of inactive human genes that might be dismissed as "junk" but which can be activated as part of the spiritual transformation process that will lead to the Grand Portal.

Many molecular biology techniques that might be used to look for the "profound changes to the DNA structure" that are predicted by Lyricus Teaching would detect DNA changes regardless of where they are ("junk" or non-junk).

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