One area of science that has been identified as being important for a scientific investigation of the soul is genetics. We need to understand how our genes influence and constrain our beliefs about the soul. Some have suggested that our DNA forms a link between the known physical world and other as yet unknown (to science) dimensions or domains of the universe.

The Wingmakers website contains some suggestions for how our DNA is related to the soul. One page [1] has the heading: "Particle physics and the human genome". It is not clear from conventional genetics that there should be a particularly close relationship between particle physics and genetics, but Lyricus materials [2] suggest a link between DNA and "wormhole-like structures" that provide an inter-species communication network. Will that web page come to have additional information in the future? So far, the Wingmakers website only has scattered hints that might be relevant to links between physics and genetics and the soul [3],[4].

According to the mythology of the Ancient Arrow site (see question 2 [5]), the materials attributed to this site were divided into 24 parts "because this site is concerned with the genetic architecture of the neuroanatomical human structure. This site is encoded with information specific to genetics, thus its structure takes on the form of a single helix with the (24) chambers symbolic of the dormant, yet-to-be-activated protein clusters that will shift consciousness to a six-sensory human existence." This statement directs us to think about the genetics of the neurvous system. The reference to "dormant protein clusters" is rather mysterious, but seems to imply that the human genome codes for proteins that can be activated and cause an alteration in brain function and consciousness.

The relationship between neuroscience and a scientific understanding of the soul is mentioned several times in the Wingmakers material. One comment [6] indicates that "medical technologies in the field of genetics and neural mapping will proceed in the 21st century to enable a new, spatial intelligence to anyone who desires it. This technology will accelerate a portion of the brain center that is responsible for spatial, multidimensional constructs and highly abstract thought processes."

There has been much speculation about the relationship between the 24 chambers of the the Ancient Arrow site and human chromosomes. If we count each sex chromosome (X and Y) and the 22 autosomes the total is 24. Alternatively, the strange 24th chamber could symbolically represent the fact that during human evolution two of the ape clade chromosomes combined, reducing the number of human chromosomes by one. Another possible interpretation is that the 24th chamber represents the human mitochondrial chromosome. The emost explicit link between chambers and chromosomes is for chamber 10 [7], [8].

"Chamber 10, in the context of the human genome, is analogous to the genetic structure of the human chromosome 10. This chromosome regulates, in large measure, the condition of well-being within the human instrument and its relationship to physical, emotional, and mental forms of stress." It has been noted that human genetic studies have linked some key genes that are expressed in the autonomic nervous system to chromosome 10 [9]. For example, the article "A genetic polymorphism of the alpha2-adrenergic receptor increases autonomic responses to stress" [10] is an example of research on a gene from chromosome 10 that has different versions in humans with implications for human stress response.

The Lyricus website (music introduction [11]) describes effects of vibrations on DNA. "Certain acoustic and scalar vibrations cause the helix within the DNA molecule to unwind, extending the DNA backbone and making the exposed bases more accessible for base pairing and activation, particularly as this relates to what scientists refer to as “junk” or dormant DNA. Sound frequencies can be contoured to penetrate the DNA molecule, and expose and activate the nucleotides and, when useful, the corresponding nerve cells." Within conventional science there have been some studies of effects of vibrations on DNA, but mainly in the context of doing damage to DNA structure [12]. It has been reported that ultrasound can break the hydrogen bonds of DNA [13], but it is not clear that this can be done in a controlled way in living tissue. (See: DNA and sound)

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