Some unsolved problems in medicine include:

  • Cancer. What is the root cause of some cancers? Is it possible to develop a fundamental cure for all cancers? What causes some cancers to re-emerge after they have been treated? Why are some cancers sporadic and others linked to heredity?
  • HIV/AIDS. Can we develop a vaccine or cure that wipes out all strains of HIV? Where did HIV originate?
  • Hepatitis/Herpes. And other incurable pathogenic diseases and conditions. We can treat them but how can we eliminate them?
  • Hereditary diseases. Can gene therapy cure all diseases?
  • The Common Cold. Can we develop a vaccine or cure for all strains of the common cold?
  • The Whole-body transplant. Is it possible to perform a successful whole-body, or brain, transplant?
  • Human cloning. Is it possible to develop a procedure to clone a human?
  • Pharmacy. When it is shown to be most profitable to the Pharmaceutical industry, will drug-related decisions made by pharmacists be replaced by an intelligent decision support system, changing the industry's orientation from local distribution to secure online vending (ultimately causing an export of pharmacists into the third world)?
  • Will new technologies and smart software render dosimetry obsolete?
  • Simulation. How can we successfully model a normative body (and brain) such that an accurate, predictable simulation can be run in real-time, providing measurable results with a variety of experimental inputs?

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