This page is a central location to list possible experiments that would generate data relevant to the nature of the soul.

List of possible ExperimentsEdit

  • Test for DNA changes that have been described by Lyricus Teaching.
  • Detect the light energy grid described in Lyricus Teaching.
  • Perform brain scans on channelers.
  • Perform brain scans on multiple personality test subjects. As a control, use actors who can switch between roles.
  • Are Remote viewing machines a way to amplify human contact with a non-material domain?
  • Can biofeedback increase links between the brain and non-material conscious entities?
  • automatic writing - compare written samples to what can be produced by artists and others who are exercising their own conscious will. Perform brain scans during these writing sessions.
  • Can random number generators respond to human consciousness? (See: this site).
  • Correlate biofeedback data with changes in hormonal output and subjective experience.

Related IssuesEdit

An important aspect of science is funding. For example, it would be possible to send DNA samples to commercial labs for DNA analysis, but DNA sequencing is not cheap. Similarly, functional magnetic resonance scans are a powerful means to monitor brain activity, but the equipment is expensive.

One way of raising funds would be to set up a system by which donors could be assured that their funds are actually spent on specific research projects. This would probably require the creation of some form of Research Institute with a charter that restricted any donated funds to research on the soul.

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